7 Month Old Baby Death after “vegan diet”

  • A seven-month-old boy from Beveren, Belgium, dies of malnutrition and dehydration.
  • The parents had fed him with milk from rice and buckwheat.
  • Both were now sentenced to six months on probation.

death after vegan diet

At the end, the parents go to a doctor. The son is called Lucas, he is seven months old on this day, he weighs 4.3 kilograms on this day . About four pounds less than other children at the age. He has surrendered, the parents worry, but they go first not to the hospital, but to a homoeopath. From Beveren, a small village west of Antwerp, they travel an hour to the eastern border of Belgium to Bilzen. It is June 6, 2014.

The homeopath sends the parents to the hospital, immediately, but the nearest hospital has no emergency room. When they arrive at the second hospital, when a doctor wants to examine Lucas, he is already dead. He has nothing in his stomach, he is dehydrated, the pathologists later find that the child was malnourished. And the parents must be in court.

The prosecutor accused them of jeopardizing the life of their child by rejecting school medicine. They had consciously denied food. He claimed one and a half years of imprisonment. The court in Dendermonde has now convicted the parents and sentenced them to six months on probation. They were already punished enough.