China launches first X-ray telescope in space

Beijing to explore the stars. China launched its first X-ray telescope in space this morning.

Nicknamed “Insight,” the aircraft was orbited 550 kilometers above the Earth by a Long March-4B rocket, which took off from the Gobi Desert in the northwest of the country.

China launches first X-ray telescope in space


Drilling the mystery of black holes

This 2.5-tonne telescope should allow Beijing to observe the magnetic fields and the interior of the pulsars (neutron stars turning very rapidly on themselves by emitting strong electromagnetic radiation), but also to understand the evolution of Black holes

If twenty black holes have already been located in the galaxy, these celestial objects with such strong gravitational force that nothing (not even light) can escape from it remain a mystery to our species.

The country plans to develop its space astronomy and improve its X-ray detection technologies. This operation is an additional step in the Chinese space program, which has already mobilized billions of euros to try to close the gap in Beijing Europe and the United States.