Every 35 seconds a child becomes infected with cholera in Yemen

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FAQ Buddy – The infection rate of cholera has tripled in Yemen two weeks. Reasons for this purpose are the

famine conditions and cripple infrastructure, writes Save the Children.

Not only tripled the rate of infection of cholera in Yemen, including the category of the youngest children now appears to be most affected. Fifty percent of the infected are young people under 15 years. Last week, that number was still at forty percent.

“The country is completely collapsing,” says Grant Pritchard, director of Save the Children, an independent organization in the field of children’s rights.

On Tuesday, June 13th were less than 129 185 cases of cholera / acute diarrhea registered in Yemen, and 942 deaths. UNICEF estimates that there may recover some 250,000 cases in six months time.

“Cholera has arrived here when the system was already collapsing. Increased poverty, malnutrition too. You can your proposal what diarrhea with a child that is already very weak, whose immune system is already running at a minimum – children who are six months old and only 2.5 kilograms, “said the UNICEF representatrice in Yemen, Dr. Meritxell RelaƱo.

More than two million children under five are malnourished in Yemen. The damage to infrastructure caused by a nearly two-year civil war, has the result that 14.5 million people, including eight million children have no access to clean water or sanitation.