INSOMNIA: Sleep problems are probably due to your DNA



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Having Trouble Sleeping? That can sometimes because your DNA. Researchers at the University have discovered together with an international team that your sleep problems begin in your genes.

The researchers used an international database to search the DNA of 100,000 people for information about insomnia. They could determine their findings or someone suffered from insomnia without them those having to investigate.

Genetically determined
Eus van Someren, who is leading the investigation, tells Edition EN that the team could see the hand of genes or anyone had the chance to be sleepless. “We have identified several genes that may be related to the risk of insomnia.”

Van Someren explains that it mainly ‘chance’ is. “When you have these particular genes, that does not mean that you also get insomnia. You need more than just talent to get affected.”

Next step
Very much research, but what can be done with the information? “The next step is to see exactly what goes wrong in the brains of these individuals,” explains van Someren out. “That way we can treat up a new way.”
Van Someren explains that now often using sleeping pills. “That’s not the ideal solution to solve your sleep problem. I understand very well that people are using them, but by people we can hopefully help better the results of our investigation.”

sleep deprivation
Many people now have a sleep problem, go to a psychologist who can help them. “The way sleep disorders are treated, especially by creating structure in the sleep rhythm,” says sleep psychologist Helmy Fluff. She has been helping people for years who have trouble sleeping.

“The first thing I recommend people to keep to a fixed sleep pattern,” Fluff continues. “The wake-up time is very important, more important than when you go to sleep. That way, your body can get used to the rhythm and learn to sleep better.”