Spotify has 140 million users and 539 million losses (Spotify 2017)

The Swedish streaming service crossed the threshold of 140 million active monthly users. The part of them that pays for access is not given but the last official figure as of March 2017 was 50 million Premium subscribers and therefore 90 million who opt for listening with ads. At the beginning of June, the number 2 of the sector, Apple, said to have exceeded the 27 million paying users.


Spotify 140 million users and 539 million losses

Image Credits: pixabay


Spotify remains far ahead but the service is still not making any money. In a financial statement published today in Luxembourg [ pdf ], Spotify reported revenues of € 2.9 billion ($ 1 billion more than in 2015) and net losses of $ 539 million Compared to 231 million in 2015.

The service has never made any profit to date, it plans to enter the US stock market.

Spotify has pledged over two billion euros of royalties over the next two years to record companies whose name is not announced (Universal Music and the group of independent labels Merlin, according to Recode ). An agreement that could result in more favorable royalty rates for Spotify and, in turn, for its accounts.